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Trusted Raw Agarbatti manufacturer in Odisha that deals ethically...

About Us

Surety of releasing harmful particles mixed with good smell upon pressing a simple deodorant or a room freshener might be less but the surety of  Incense Sticks singularly releasing upon combustion, pleasant smell that creates good atmosphere is 100% in case of Shree Hari Enterprises. If any client will pop out question for us that, 'How come we are so sure about our quality?' our reply to their question will be the environmental friendly processing method and use of solely natural ingredients. As a manufacturer, we pay high focus over manufactured line's quality standards. Although we leave no room of doubt in quality at all stages of production but still we examine finished products on numerous parameters to annihilate from roots slight chances of errors. Not singularly as incense stick supplier we are famed but also as trader. Beside Aromatic Incense Sticks, Perfumed Incense Sticks, we also offer Agarbatti Powder, Agarbatti Raw Material.

How We Make Incense Sticks & Aggarbattis?

There are various ways to process Incense Materials, these can be categorized in two most popular methods, Direct Burning & Indirect Burning depending on the usages. Many of times, these two processing types are blended to make pleasant smelling 'Incense Sticks', but what differs is solely their combustion methods as the direct burning method demands, sustainable and even burning. However, we utilize normal production methods that is amalgamation of both contemporary and traditional, which leaves no harmful effect on environment upon being used.

Raw materials such as wood, charcoal, Kupam dust and several other natural ingredients are mixed together with the help of a binder to create a paste, in this paste essential oils and fragrance oils are mixed. This thick paste is soaked then dried to form pellets.  The incense mixture is further rolled into an approx 1cm thick slab and is left in open to attain firmness. After being firmed, the slab is pressed into shaped forms to make cone and small sized coiled incenses. The formed incense is further trimmed and dried.

To get desired combustion qualities, close attention is paid on following factors
  • Oil Content
  • Mixture Density
  • Oxidizer Quantity
  • Particulate Size
Customers Satisfaction

We do not resort to cheap business tactics in order to earn money instead we adopt several clients-focused approaches to keep new and old customers glued towards our range. At all levels of production, strict emphasize is being paid on 'Quality', because we are well-acquainted with this fact that 'Customers spend money on singularly quality-assured products'. To make our rang worth buying, we process it as per standard industrial norms and use no harmful chemicals. Pleasant smell of our Incense sticks makes them apt to be ignited in diverse events, beside religious ceremonies.